The Essential Choices with the Spotify in Plays

The Essential Choices with the Spotify in Plays

With a paid subscription to Spotify (Premium, Family, Student, HiFi), you can download music thanks to the offline mode. Ideal for listening to music streaming when you are not sure you have an Internet connection or for saving your mobile Internet.

Why download music from Spotify?

You do not have Internet access during your daily trips, in the metro for example. You are going to the mountains and you are not sure that you have a good Internet connection. You have a long drive to go and are worried that your internet connection will go down. You have a long trip to fly and are going to be deprived of the Internet. Or, you simply want to save your cellular data. So download your favorite music to your Spotify app.

What music to download on Spotify?

To download music to the Spotify application on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, there is one imperative: to have subscribed to a paid subscription from Spotify (Premium, Family, Student, HiFi). Indeed, the offline mode is not available with the free version.

On Spotify, you can download:

  • playlists
  • artists albums
  • audio books
  • your favorites

You cannot download individual tracks unless they are added to a playlist.

How to download music to Spotify?

It’s easy to download an album or any playlist. Just click on the one of your choice and download using this cursor:

  • The cursor should turn green during the download.
  • If the album or playlist you want to download is already in My Music, the procedure is different. You have to click on this button:
  • From the drop-down menu that appears, click on “Download Album” or ” Download playlist”.
  • Normally, the music you’ve downloaded should appear in the “Downloaded Music ” folder, with an arrow pointing down.

Spotify: how to listen to downloaded music offline?

To listen to downloaded music, it’s very simple:

  • Click on the ” My Music ” tab
  • Go to ” Settings “
  • Click on “Offline mode “, and touch the cursor which should turn blue. The offline mode is then activated. To return to online mode, return this same cursor to gray.

Good to know: the Spotify application is well done. If you want to download a song and you are on the 4G network, Spotify warns you, via a message, that “the download will start as soon as the application is connected by WiFi”, so as not to consume your cellular data and avoid you unforeseen costs. You can read more on thatdrop.

But, if you still want to download music with your mobile data, it’s up to you. In this case, we advise you to have a nice data envelope, then go to my music > Settings > Audio settings. And, activate the option “Allow downloading via mobile network”.