The Contribution Of Kavanaugh In The Film Industry

The Contribution Of Kavanaugh In The Film Industry

Many people are dreaming of becoming a part of the film industry. Most of them are looking forward to becoming one of the actors and actresses, writers, producers, film, editor, director, and so on. But, not all of them have a passion for spending their life in the film industry. Accept it is their passion, the same with the life of Ryan. He has been a while in the filming industry. Ryan Kavanaugh is one of the most successful film producers, film financiers, and even the founder and CEO of Relativity Media. Ryan founded the American media company in 2004, based in Beverly Hills, California. But, it was not Ryan who founded the said media company; he was with Lynwood Spinks. It was ranked as the third largest mini-major around the world. However, the shine of the company had ended when it filed bankruptcy on 2015 of July 30.

The full-scale film studio

Relativity Media had obtained, developed, produced, and distributed films. The media company belongs to the middleman company that arranges multi-film slate deals. The company received film equity; it goes to the fee and credit for the producer. Stark Investments had funded the single-picture business of the company. On the year 2007, these investors decided to stop making movie-finance. A New York-based company named Elliot Management hedge fund of $16 billion, run by Paul Singer. The studio had obtained Rogue from the Universal on 2009 of January 4 with the amount of $150 million. Relativity Media has managed the film offerings of Rogue on 2009, these films are:

  • Last House On The Left
  • Come Out Fighting
  • The Unborn
  • My Soul to Take and more projects

Plus, more deals, including the films The Strangers and Assault On Precinct 13. Another achievement, the studio has a contract with the well-known company Lionsgate. It released the films The Spy Next Door, Seasons of the Witch, and Brothers. Another achievement of Relativity Media was venturing with India. Keyur Patel, an Asian billionaire, owned two major TV networks ventured with Relativity Media, which earned great profits. Netflix and Relativity Media announced a 5-year plus Pay-TV on July 6, 2010. The two popular films can be streamed on Netflix, namely Skyline and The Fighter.

More deals with Relativity Media

The mentioned above are only glimpsed on the success of Relativity Media. It was the days it was started earning and making a good name in the film industry For Ryan Kavanaugh. To extend on the company’s achievement, Relativity Media had acquired 45-person marketing on July 23, 2010. On December 3, 2010, the studio distributed the first film entitled The Warrior’s Way, directed by Sngmoo Lee. Relativity and EuropaCorp signed a co-financing and co-production deal on May 20, 2012. Not just that! Relativity also had a co-production deal with Atlas Entertainment.