The Best of Graduation Choices for You Now

The Best of Graduation Choices for You Now

At work there is a colleague who has just graduated. We all thought about giving him a gift as congratulation, and the question was: what do we buy from him? For starters, this is a manager, and as such, we couldn’t give you anything. The second point to consider was his title: dental surgeon. We add your likes: runner; but we also consider that every day his outfit is formal suit, although instead of ad hoc shoes, for comfort he always wears espadrilles. By the way, he is about 60 years old, and has already completed half of his next master’s degree.

It is not true that two heads think better than one, it is more, neither three, nor ten. At the end of the day, his assistant helped us to come up with ideas and choose his gift: a branded tie. Elegant, that can be worn any day, and somewhat expensive, about 100 for each of the 20 people in the area. But we did it with pleasure, since he is a very dear person. Don’t forget about the graduation wishes that you will have to make also. This will make him really happy.

Has it happened to you that you do not know what to give your recent graduate?

No matter the grade level, it is always a dilemma whether you should give something that has an intellectual tint, or that matches their tastes. In the end, it is always good to take into account various aspects in the life of the graduate, to choose something perfect for him.

Here are some great tips to show off with your next gift when you are invited to a graduation:


To a master’s or doctoral graduate, this might seem like a hackneyed gift, however a custom pen is appreciated and very functional. Believe it or not, their prices can be from about $ 300 pesos, a simple Cross brand, to more than $ 3000 thousand pesos if you want it in 14 carat gold.

Electronic reader

A university student who reaches the end of his career knows that reading is essential to acquire new knowledge. In this sense, it would be super functional to have an electronic book reader, like the Kindle, that in a minimum space you can carry your entire library. It could also be a Tablet, since in addition to reading, it allows you to carry your email and work from anywhere.


For a university student who will start his working life, or a master’s or graduate graduate, one could be a good option, since whenever he uses it he will remember you and that good detail. Omit this gift if the person in question does not usually wear a suit; Remember: It is always good to look at it before choosing your gift.


Completing a school year of any level is always a great success, so a trip, either as a family or alone, depending on age, will always be an incredible reward.