Practical Options for RFID wristbands

Practical Options for RFID wristbands

Until the beginning of the festival it is of course important to take good care of the bracelet. When putting it on, from a health point of view, make sure that a finger fits between the wrist and the band.

At first glance, it seems surprising why these sophisticated festival wristbands are not yet in use in Germany, as RFID technology has existed for a very long time and some organizers in the USA and Belgium are already relying on this technology for example, at the world’s largest festival of electronic dance music “Tomorrow-land” in the Belgian municipality of Boom.

In addition, RFID wristbands for events are already being used in Germany and Austria in hospitals,  swimming pools, fitness studios, amusement parks or when skiing. Important data about the owner is saved on the chip.

The main reasons why the stakes at festivals were so low are the costs, the size and the software optimization of the RFID chips. But now these factors are almost optimized. Currently, the biggest problem for the introduction in Germany is data protection. Many festival participants are understandably not very happy that their personal information is collected using the RFID wristbands.

The Advantages for Festival Participants and Organizers

Drastic reduction in waiting times:  The use of RFID festival wristbands can reduce waiting times enormously. During the SnowGlobe Music Festival, more than 20 people per minute were able to pass through a gate.

Easy & secure payment:  In addition, you don’t need to bring your wallet or credit card with you because even before the festival starts, amounts of money are loaded onto the chip. There is therefore no risk of the wallet being stolen or lost. The bracelet then only has to be held by a corresponding mark when buying beverages, T-shirts, etc.

Counterfeit tickets are made almost impossible:  Tickets with barcodes or QR codes that are printed out at home can still be counterfeited under certain circumstances, but the RFID chips are assigned a unique digital code. According to the manufacturer, this is much safer. And since the chips are assigned a unique identification number, a lost bracelet can simply be deactivated and the affected guest can simply be given a new product.

Live information about the festival: In addition, the guests receive information about the visitor behavior of all participants. This is particularly advantageous for festivals lasting several days. Visitors can be located using the RFID wristband. Whenever a guest uses his product, for example during the entrance, the whereabouts are also saved. The festival participants receive the information about the first day and can then use this data to avoid full entry gates in the future.

Organizers and sponsors

Collecting important data about their guests: For the organizers, the profit from the data of their guests is extremely valuable. With the RFID chip in the bracelet, you have the opportunity to see the entire festival. They find out where their guests are and can then use the behavior of their guests to determine how they can optimize subsequent concerts. This means that even fewer mistakes will be made in the future.

For example, the organizers receive information about when their guests are entering or leaving the festival. In addition, the data on the purchased T-shirts, drinks and snacks as well as toilet visits are important in order to adapt the locations of the shops, toilets and snack stands for further concerts, as well as the number of items stored.