Love 101: Definition, Understanding, And Importance

Love 101: Definition, Understanding, And Importance

Many people considered love as the secret to a happy relationship. But, some people who are called kill-joys don’t believe that true love exists. Why? They may be the people who have hurt by the people they loved. So, they ended the conclusion that nothing can cause love but only pain and sorrow. However, it is not the definition of love for those people who are deeply and happily in love with their partner. Love defines happiness, inspiration, fondness, and intimacy. To expand more understanding about the said affection is to learn the five types of love language.

The five love language

Love language comes into five types: words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, gifts, and physical touch. A relationship can become forever or until the end once you understand the meaning of all these types. One reason why some other couples end up break up or separation is the lack of understanding about the true meaning of love and the types of it. Many have misunderstood the word love, take the love language quiz . Some may say that they love a person why showing physical touch but say has the attitude to give gifts. So, it depends on the understanding of love. So, before you enter into a serious relationship, you need to understand first the meaning of the types of love language.

The brief description

  1. Words of affirmation. A person always says sweet words and never fails to greet. Saying sweet words to the partner like saying I love you, I miss you, and more. Saying these words to your partner is how you express love.
  2. Acts of service. A person who does simple chores like sweeping is what his/her love shows to his/her partner. The love is expressed and shown through acts or deeds.
  3. Quality time. A person who values time to his/her love or partner. Time to bond with each other like setting a date or going to a picnic or watching movies together. It may not be a long time but he/she makes way to spend time together with each other.
  4. Physical touch. A person who usually expressed his/her love by holding hands both private and public places. Showing love can be through kissing the forehead before sleeping or before going to work. Hugging the partner is a way to say thank you, missed you, and more. The love is shown and expressed through physical touch.
  5. Gift. Sending and receiving gifts can be the expression of your love. A person’s love is to send or give gifts, making his/her partner feels special.

All these are each other’s expression of love or the love language. Yes, there are different expressions of love the way how a person expresses it to his/her partner. So, to understand these five different types of love language, a couple will probably have a strong and happy relationship. Arguments and fights might happen, but it will never end up breaking up or a separation. For couples that end up breaking up, separating or divorce to the married couples, these can all be avoided by understanding the difference of love language.