Kayak Tours

Kayak Tours

If you are planning a visit to St. Petersburg in Russia, then there is a fantastic way to explore the city. St. Petersburg has wonderful canals and rivers to explore. Dancing Bear Tours takes you through a scenic route of the city exploring old world architecture and waterways throughout. Going on the Dancing Bear kayak tours will delight photographers and travelers alike with the sights of some beautiful views.

It is a good idea to accustom yourself with kayaking, it does not matter what level of experience you have. There is a 15-minute instructional session before the tour that will go over the basics and safety tips. Instructors are always ready to assist you in any questions you may have. This will give you the knowledge you need to fully enjoy this breathtaking tour. It is a one of a kind way for you to have an active and fun filled experience to share with family and friends.

The experienced kayak guides will paddle with you down the Kryukov canal where St. Nicholas Cathedral was erected in the 1700s. This beautiful naval cathedral offers opportunities to make lasting photos. The MariinskyTheatere is another attraction on this easy to navigate canal.

The rivers of St. Petersburg have served this ocean lying city for many centuries. They are some of the most lovely parts of the city to experience and leave lasting impressions on the visitors than come here.

When on the kayak tour, the Moyka River is one of the waterways that is explored. Amazing views of such architecture as the historic St. Isaac Square that was built in more modern times will be seen. The Yusupov Palace is another finely built examples of the timeless styles that can be seen in many parts of St. Petersburg.

After traveling through the calm water canals, the Neva River is where Peter and Paul Fortress was built. This fortress was established by a well known historical figure, Peter the Great. It makes up part of the rich history of this Russian city. The Trinity Bridge and Summer Garden will be explored along the tour.

This tour is one of the best ways to enjoy St. Petersburg from a new perspective many people may not have seen. The marine environment and natural beauty make this an engaging time for travelers who like to explore in active ways. The paddling and calmness of the water will add to your enjoyment of the surroundings that make up the tour. You will not forget your experience in the wonderful city of St. Petersburg.