Jakarta Attraction: 9 Fascinating Attractions in Jakarta

Jakarta Attraction: 9 Fascinating Attractions in Jakarta

Jakarta, also renowned as Indonesia’s capital city, is a fascinating place to see because of its long history, diverse culture, enchanting natural beauty, and never-ending improvement. From historical sites to luxury restaurants, discover these must-visit attractions in Jakarta.

  1. National Monument (Monumen Nasional or Monas)

This iconic landmark of Jakarta functions not just as a magnificent viewing deck with an unrestricted city landscape but also a museum depicting the nation’s history. The National Monument has a towering height of 115 meters (377 feet ) high. The building is also imperial to look from the outside, topped with a flame-shaped gold foil.

  1. Istiqlal Mosque (Masjid Istiqlal)

As the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia, the Istiqlal Mosque construction will not disappoint tourists concerning architectural greatness and historical and cultural significance. Previous visitors in this place include Barack Obama, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and other world leaders.

  1. Sunda Kelapa Harbor

Sunda Kelapa is a vintage port first established during the Pajajaran Hindu Kingdom. Once serving as a primary interface, the place now only lodged traditional phinisi ships. Besides its historical significance, this harbor also keeps its aesthetic beauty, owed to charming, colorful ships and clear blue skies.

  1. Suropati Park

An eco-green area in the center of the busy city, Taman Suropati, is more than only a lush tropical garden with a calming ambiance. It houses six ASEAN monuments placed as a sign of peace and friendship too. During the day, the place is lively with people who come to use, play music, or sit on the seat and revel in nature. Suropati Park is also home for hundreds of doves roaming around freely.

  1. Kota Tua Jakarta

Jakarta was initially established as a capital city by Dutch colonials. The area that’s now called Kota Tua functioned as the headquarters of the Dutch East India Company. The site has a lot of old, European-style buildings that still stand today. Tourists can tour the place on foot or rent a charmingly decorated bicycle.

  1. Fatahillah Museum (Jakarta History Museum)

The Dutch colonials first built Fatahillah Museum as the city hall. This museum was reopened as a museum in 1974, showing historical relics located in Jakarta. The Dam Palace inspired the neoclassical architecture in Amsterdam. Fatahillah Museum is situated within the charming Old City of Jakarta (Kota Tua Jakarta).

  1. Thousand Island (Kepulauan Seribu)

Technically still an area of the Jakarta Province, Thousand Islands, also known as Kepulauan Seribu, comprises countless pristine, idyllic small islands, many still inhabited. However, tourism is lively in some of the more developed islands, including Bidadari Island, Pramuka Island, and Tidung Island.

  1. National Museum

The National Museum of Indonesia is fascinating outside and inside. The European-style building houses historic and ancient archaeological collections from throughout the country. It was initially built by the Dutch during the colonial era and developed further by the Indonesian government after independence.

  1. Petak Sembilan

Situated in the Jakarta Chinatown area, Petak Sembilan is a lively neighborhood with Chinese architecture buildings, temples, and the most authentic Chinese food. Tourists can munch on delicious Chinese street food while exploring the ornate region lined up with temples, old houses, and stores.

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