How to Stay Cool and Professional at the Happy Hour When You are the Boss?

How to Stay Cool and Professional at the Happy Hour When You are the Boss?

So it is Friday and your team mates invite you for happy hour. Instead of not being called a party pooper by deeming it rain check, you decide to join them so as to not lose your credibility. Now here is the catch, you need to stay cool and maintain your professionalism at the same time. Seems tricky to you? Follow the tips below.

  1. Take active participation

If your team is heading out for happy hour at Brutopia, you must go too. A lot of bonding happens in a company in a bar when compared to a boardroom. So even if you don’t drink, go for creating some friendly memories and conversations.

  1. Stay professional

Always keep in mind that you are a leader nonetheless, so set your behavior on the same terms. Even though alcohol and camaraderie is involved, it is still business. Have fun but don’t get carried away. Keep your professionalism intact. Carry the code of professionalism in the happy hours as well. Don’t flirt with your team mates, use bathroom humor or gossip about something not being present. When drinking, always stay alert and aware of what you speak. Always stay your best self even when drunk.

  1. Drink responsibly by all means

You are not going to the happy hour to get drunk, so sip rather than chugging your drink. In this way, you can have one or two drinks at max. If you don’t want to drink, you can fake it. You can also have tonic water with a lime if you don’t want gin and tonic. So, don’t let yourself loose with the shots. Also, don’t push others to have alcohol. If they don’t want to drink, help them defend their choices. Don’t ask questions. Let others drink responsibly as well. If someone gets super drunk, help them get a cab or drive them home.

  1. Eat before you head out

It is advisable to have a little something before you head out for happy hours. This has two benefits. Firstly, the food in your tummy will subside the effects of liquor and secondly, you will not be tempted to have more or munch down on the bar snacks just because you are starving. Make the most of this time to talk and network rather than eating.