How to Select Appropriate Music for Your Party

How to Select Appropriate Music for Your Party

Music is an awesome way to communicate how we feel, connect with other people, and leave us feeling like a community.  If you pick the wrong music, it can cause a group to fall apart or an event to get awkward or, even worse: boring.

These are some of the best ways to pick the best music possible for your next event and why the music selection matters!

Consider the Theme or Purpose

The theme and purpose of your event can drastically change what your music choices are.  For a high-class wedding, you’d want a gorgeous string quartet or a solo musician, but for a birthday party, you might want a big swing band or a cover band in the birthday person’s favorite genre.

The theme and purpose of your event can decide a lot about the type of music you have at it.  If you’re still unsure, consider asking the guests of honor or the others you’re planning this party with.  It can feel like a lot to take on, but it’s worth it for the event of a lifetime.  

Live or Recorded Music

Live music allows an event to feel suddenly electric and full of electricity: but with recorded music, you can listen to any musician sing any song they’ve recorded, in any order, at any time.  It’s a hard decision to make, but it really depends on your budget, the size of your venue, and what type of music it is.

Although you can find a live garage band in almost any town, it’s harder to find a live K-Pop cover group in most smaller towns.  Be open to change. 

The Guests That Are Attending

What are guests coming to this event?  Are they mostly tweens who will be into what’s hot on Tik Tok, or are they an older crowd who would want the early 2000s and 1990s throwback music?  

Consider the tastes of the guests and how that plays with the type of event this is.  If it’s a dancing event, you can find a playlist of dance music for almost any genre and time period, the same as just finding simple music to play in the background.

Don’t be afraid to send out a poll amongst guests a few weeks ahead to figure out what music they’d prefer.

Sometimes a Mix is For The Best

Although most people at the party might be into screamo: you want to make sure you don’t alienate people who are into Christian rappers.  You can have at least one live act, but don’t be afraid to follow that up with a DJ or even an extremely well-cultivated Spotify playlist.  This will ensure everyone gets some music that they’ll enjoy listening to while also having a great time with people they enjoy!

Everyone Should Enjoy the Music At an Event

Music should create a connection to an event that’s fun and exciting: but that can only happen if you pick the right sound.  Consider each of these decisions above before picking your first music for your event!