How Celebrities Can Affect Charity Donations

How Celebrities Can Affect Charity Donations

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Many charities these days are struggling to raise needed funding to meet their goals. Working on limited budgets, they often wrestle to find ways to get their message out to the public. Sometimes, celebrities or well-known figures will get involved, giving an immense boost to the cause. It’s always heart-warming to see famous people taking part. Here are several examples of how famous people did their part and made a huge difference.

Benefit Concerts

One of the biggest fundraising concerts of all time was the Live Aid concert in 1985. This event was unprecedented and raised $127 million for famine relief in Africa. Seventy-five talented acts performed in this concert that captured the attention of the entire world. Since then, many benefit concerts for other charities followed.

Current Events Awareness

Sometimes, it takes a well-known person to get people’s attention. For example, Heather Parry, a film producer best known for the 2018 movie A Star Is Born, absolutely loves animals. She continuously works to get the word out about rescue animals and, more recently, how to help the animals caught in the wildfires of Australia.

Recording Songs

If you’ve heard the Christmas song “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, you may not realize that this song was a gigantic fundraiser for Ethiopia in the 1980s. This song spawned another hit “We Are the World” and, of course, helped launch the aforementioned “Live Aid” concert.

Charity Challenges

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? This challenge, and others like it, really got charities in the spotlight once celebrities started taking part. As comical as the videos were, the point was to create awareness for ALS and raise money, which worked beautifully.

Using Notoriety for Good

There are many charities and causes that need help. Luckily, many well-known people have made efforts by using music, social media and putting themselves into the spotlight to help. When someone uses their notoriety for the greater good, it can make a world of difference.