Finer Choices for the  Best Concert Ticket Booking

Finer Choices for the  Best Concert Ticket Booking

Often, the proceeds from tickets already sold go to pay associated costs (concert advertising, rental of premises, travel expenses of performers). That is why it is more interesting for the organizer of the concert to buy as many tickets as possible. In addition, it is more profitable for the audience themselves taking care of buying a ticket in advance, you can not only choose the best places, but also manage to buy a ticket at a reduced cost.

Is it worth publishing a ticket photo on the Internet?

Everything seems to be clear here. However, you must have repeatedly seen on social networks photos of concert tickets with BookMyShow offers published by their lucky owners. Only happiness can end quickly and completely suddenly: if the barcode is clearly visible on the ticket photo, there is a chance that someone will be able to go to the concert on your ticket. Therefore, if you still really want to share your joy from buying tickets with Instagram subscribers, we recommend that you cover all barcodes in any photo editor before publishing.

Should I buy tickets on hand?

The answer expires from the previous question. If your friend bought a ticket and the day before the concert he realized that he couldn’t go then buying a ticket from him does not threaten you. Another thing is if you buy a ticket from a stranger. The most “harmless” in this case as already described above, a ticket photo could be published on the Internet and someone could use a barcode from it. Or it may be that the ticket is simply faked. Therefore, we advise you to purchase tickets only from official sellers.

How to take a picture with an artist?

Almost every artist or group is given half an hour or an hour after the concert for an autograph session. This is your chance to take a picture with your favorite artist, sign a T-shirt or CD, or give your idol something to remember.

Catching artists outside the allotted time is not a good idea. Although, it is possible if you are alone, they will agree to make an exclusive photo with you. In any case, you should not be very annoying, so as not to spoil the visitors visiting the impression of local fans.

And the last: do not tear down the posters of the upcoming concert

Those who tear off street posters for souvenirs do harm to themselves in the long run. Because of the torn posters, fewer people will learn about the concert, sales will fall, and the next time the organizer can either increase the cost of tickets, or even refuse to bring the group. Therefore, if you really want to leave yourself something for memory from the concert it is better to let it be an autograph from your favorite stars. Or drummer sticks, if you are suddenly lucky to catch them from the audience. Who knows?

Check to see if tickets have entered your email inbox spam box. In the case of fraud, especially on the Internet, where fraudulent websites may disappear suddenly, solving the problem becomes difficult and often impossible. The complaint remains to the police and market control authorities.