Essential Choices for the Best Band Booking

Essential Choices for the Best Band Booking

This question is probably one of the hardest questions that the bride and groom need to answer. Indeed, the wedding hall is a very painted one. People come from all kinds of backgrounds, and the only thing that unites them is either the degree of kinship or the fact that they know their marriages. We are not talking about a homogeneous group, with common musical tastes, but about people who come from different backgrounds. Probably the wedding is the only place where folk music lovers and metal lovers play at the same time, on their own. The mission of the grooms, when choosing music, is to find a band and a set of musical genres that will delight everyone. With Voodoo Entertainment  you can find the best options now.

Finer Options Now

Here, the work must be shared with the artist or the band. Each musical ensemble has a limited repertoire, but also benefits from a very long experience, knowing what the songs and genres of success at weddings are. Listen to what they have to say, but also what they have to sing, because they know what sets a party in motion or what ruins it. Their advice is a professional one, documented and well argued, every time. Appreciation, on the other hand, is up to you and yours alone, so an audition is even recommended before hiring musicians.

  • The repertoire is established by the grooms and the band together. This depends, to some extent, on luck. It depends on how well you know your invitations. The chances of the music coming out well are greater if the group is narrower and closer both in age and in passions and interests. Everyone will never be happy, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you see two people complaining about music. If everyone else is having fun, then you’ve made the best choice!
  • The dream wedding is not the one you see in magazines. The dream wedding is the one you make, with the money you have, in the region where you are and for the guests you want.

For you to succeed in having a dream wedding from the point of view of fun, organization, expenses, a wedding that doesn’t cost you a fortune and for which you don’t need an army of people, it would be good to consider by these 5 tips.

  1. Don’t just look for wedding inspiration on Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform with beautiful pictures but the reality between the inspiration you find there and your immediate reality can be great. Instead of wasting precious time on pinterest you better set up meetings with available local providers and find out directly from them what services they can offer and at what costs. Explain directly to them your vision of the wedding and ask them for advice on the services you want. Do this with the salon, photos and videographers, the band and the DJ, the candy bar suppliers and the local florists. Avoid going to any provider 1-2 months before the wedding asking to make arrangements, cakes or photos you found on the Internet. Your budget may not allow you even half of what you dream.