Different Genres of Great Movies for You

Different Genres of Great Movies for You


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It revolves around a manhunt (generally a murderer, a thief) carried out by the police or a detective. We therefore follow the intrigue progress of an investigation to ultimately find the criminal and understand the reasons for his acts. It is an effective genre for exploring the notions of good and evil, of “nice” and “bad”.


It is very difficult to explain clearly what a documentary is. This particular genre differs from the others because its purpose is to tell reality through a point of view with an explanatory aim. It is based on existing documents testifying to real facts. It may contain interviews and a voiceover. Even if it looks like it, a documentary is not a report.


Realistic or fanciful tale of a spy who must carry out a mission for an intelligence service.


The fantastic is based on the supernatural appearance of elements that are not necessarily abnormal in a real environment. This very broad genre invites mystery, horror and gives pride of place to monsters, ghosts and parallel worlds. Unlike science fiction, all of these supernatural elements are miraculous or magical in nature and nothing is done to make them rational.


Unlike the fantastic, the supernatural elements are part of the characters’ lives and are not necessarily the object of doubt or fear, an anchoring in the real world is not necessary. This genre makes it possible to create imaginary worlds which do not correspond to the physical laws of our reality.


This genre tells a story in the context of war. It addresses the various conflicts that have marked the history of humanity and dwells on the battles by showing their naval, air and / or land aspect. This genre was widely used for propaganda purposes extolling the glory of a country over its enemy. Today, these films are less political and focus more on the horrific and human aspects that deal with such subjects.


The purpose of this genre is to create a feeling of fear, terror and anxiety. It joins the fantastic with the presence of supernatural creatures such as werewolves, zombies or vampires. Its definition is very subjective because it is linked to the spectator’s emotions, which change depending on the person and the context in which it evolves.


A film belongs to this genre as soon as it contains music, songs and dance which manifest themselves concretely (as part of the action) and regularly on the screen.


The theme of love is central to this kind of film. The main characters are generally an already established or becoming couple confronted with obstacles which put their relationship to the test (illness, deceptions, lies, societal problems), in general the tensions of daily life. The term “romance” is an abuse, we should speak more of “love film”.

Super hero

Film in which one or more of the characters have superhuman powers (Superman) or an arsenal that matches or tends towards these powers (Batman). Generally vigilante, superheroes fight against threats against which normal individuals are powerless.