Choose Your Options for the Perfect Platform for Classical Music

Choose Your Options for the Perfect Platform for Classical Music

How do we start listening to classical music? That is a question that we get a lot. But, the answer is very simple: just listen more. It sounds like sarcasm, but it isn’t. Classical music appears in our life with something contemplative. In addition, it is often quite stereotyped when depicted in films. Thus, it seems reserved only for those endowed with great intelligence. 


  • In fact, anyone can listen to classical music. You don’t have to be incredibly smart or a Marvel villain to like this. And starting to appreciate this musical genre, also will not turn you into a pedantic person.
  • However, the world of classical music is vast and can frighten us due to the large number of existing classical works. Therefore, we are often lost and do not know where to start.

So this article will give you the tips on how to start listening to classical music. In addition, we will also suggest some pieces that will help you open this new door full of news. In tubidy mobile version you can find the best choices in this case.

Start by listening to patrons of classical music

One tip is to start with those composers who already know the names even though we have never heard any music from them. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Claude Debussy and Heitor Villa-Lobos are all great starting points for those who have never heard classical music.

Ludwig von Beethoven (1770-1827) is one of the most well-known composers and it is very easy to find any of his works on the internet or any streaming service.

In addition, Beethoven is a composer who has covered 2 periods of music history. Thus, his initial works belong to the end of the classical period and, later works, to the romantic period.

In this way, we believe that this composer can be a good start for those who want to go deeper into classical music. You can choose your piano works or venture into its beautiful symphonies for orchestras. It’s your choice!

Choose parts that have your favorite instrument

Another tip is to listen to works with an instrument that you really like. Do you love the sound of the flute? Write “concert for flute” on Youtube and be delighted! Do you like piano? Great! It is probably the solo instrument with the most works written for him. For sure, you will find a lot.

If you still don’t know many instruments and are willing to want to know more, we recommend reading the book by Roy Bennet’s Orchestra Instruments. In this reading, you will discover everything about each of the instruments.


On the other hand, if you even like classical music, but prefer works that have a voice, it is a good opportunity to start listening to some operas, oratories, songs etc. In fact, we already have articles here on the opera blog, explaining everything about this universe.