Best Animation Kids Movie On aha

Best Animation Kids Movie On aha

The lockdown halted various activities, including movie viewing; not only adults but also children, who enjoyed seeing live-action and animated films in 3D and 2D in theatres, were affected.

Animated movies have long existed, with renowned artists like Walt Disney turning the face of animated cinema for just kids to an important part of cinema. With beautiful plots, exquisite artistry, animated films aren’t just for kids but for everyone. Anyone can watch animated films and have a great time.

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Mighty Raju is an extension of the ChotaBheem animation series, produced and created by Rajiv Chilika and his production house Green Gold Animations that houses ChotaBheem.

Raju is Bheems friend and an important member of his group that helps to fight off evil and protecting the village of Dholapkpur. Branching out, Raju had a series dedicated to him called ‘Mighty Raju’ and several films that have been added to aha.

Raju is a bright young boy with a good moral code and superhuman abilities. As a result, he can put his own life at risk when attempting to do good without expecting anything in return. Raju’s superpowers came from a substance created by his scientist father, Swami. Swami’s then-pregnant wife Sandhya inadvertently drank the compound called Neutrino because she mistook it for a cocktail. Raju was born with superhuman abilities, which he must use to defeat the evil Karati, his father’s former science collaborator.Here are a few Might Raju films that depict the little boy’s journey. You can watch kids movies on aha app.

Mighty Raju: Encounter.

The movie follows the journey of Raju, who gets stuck in a jungle right after his international fame of being known as a superhero. In the jungle, he encounters a mad scientist Karati, his arch-nemesis. How Raju protects himself and saves people from the evil scientist’s plans forms the plot.

Mighty Raju: Alien Friend.

Another Tele-film from the Mighty Raju Venture, Alien Friend, opens with the highjacking of an Indian Satellite by an alien, causing its daily operations to be interrupted. Swami’s laser scanner senses this, and Raju attempts to interact with the Alien. Raju learns that the Alien is a scientist in his world and that he wants to study Earth. When Mighty brings the alien to Earth, Karaati kidnaps him. Will Karaati brainwash blind Raju to make the alien look evil? Or will Raju be friends with the Alien to fight the real evil? Now, this is the event that forms the rest of the plot.

Mighty Raju is a beloved character, and many kids enjoy the young boy who, with his strength, saves people and does good. The basic moral is to do well and help others when in need, and this is not only fun and entertaining but inspiring and a good influence on your kids.

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