Beat Making Software For PC: Make your Own Beats for $300 and Less

Beat Making Software For PC: Make your Own Beats for $300 and Less

If everything bores you to sleep, you know you need to be making quality beats. So, what is stopping you? Maybe you are wondering what tools you need, and thinking about whether you have enough money for it. Or perhaps you are just over-thinking things. That is why, in this article, we will take a closer look at some of the essentials that individuals need to start their own music or beat, all for a grand total of more or less $300.

People do not need the best tools and equipment to make quality beats

Starting in this hobby with the best tools and equipment money can buy is a huge advantage. People cannot deny this fact. But the truth is, people do not need modern, high-tech, and expensive equipment to get this hobby started or create quality beats. What individuals need is the passion and skill to make music.

These two qualities will take individuals farther than any expensive equipment can. Usually, individuals with talent and skill are dissuaded from making quality beats because most of them think the tools and equipment needed will be very expensive. They will be amazed it actually is not that expensive. There is a lot of cheap software and hardware to build a home or mobile studio, and start making good music. People can upgrade their tools once they start making money out of their music.

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A quiet and comfortable studio is crucial

Enthusiasts are going to be spending most of their time in their studio, usually in a sitting position. People need to invest in a wide table and comfortable chairs. A well-padded swivel gaming chair will give enthusiasts enough lower back support while saving the user from having to get up and stretch to reach things continually. A quality table and comfortable chair cannot be too expensive, but they are vital if you do not want your health to be compromised for doing what you love.

Things people need to make quality beats

Do not be dissuaded by the fancy and expensive equipment you see professional producers and beatsmasters like Dr. Dre and Calvin Harris are using. They did not need that stuff when they started their career. As a matter of fact, you will be pretty embarrassed to know that these professionals started with equipment cheaper than what you are using right now.

Most professionals started with tools and stuff most people already have in their possession. For instance, Calvin Harris started doing music using a classic 8-bit Amiga 500 Plus. It was a hand-me-down from his brother. So, if you really want to make quality music, stop thinking you need a powerful Mac Book Pro using an i7 or i9 microprocessor.

That 64-bit Windows personal computer is good enough, as long as it has the right software and is still running without any lags and not overheating. And while PCs with fancy trims and multi-colored lights are pretty cool, using the equipment should not cloud judgment on what’s important and necessary – the quality of the beat. Let us cut to the chase and get this going.

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Personal Computer

People might probably be wondering where in their $300 budget can a serviceable and decent personal computer is accommodated. Well, the assumption is that if you are in this kind of hobby, there is a big chance that you already have a personal computer in your house.

Anything i3 processor and above will do just fine. If a person has enough budget to invest in a brand-new personal computer or laptop, make sure to choose one with two monitors or a wide-screened monitor. It can get uncomfortable using software on an older model or small screen.

The software to make beats: DAW or Digital Audio Workstation

A perfect way to look at your Digital Audio Workstation or DAW is to think of it as a digital workstation with tools and equipment need to make quality music. This workstation will have features and tools for recording instruments and vocals, mixing, tracking, as well as other tricks individuals use to manipulate sounds. With an excellent Digital Audio Workstation, people get all functions an analog studio setup has, and more.

Being digital, the musician’s Digital Audio Workstation lives on their laptop, even on their mobile phone, which makes it pretty portable and easy to use anytime, anywhere. Musicians can also undo any action, which allows them to restore the work that was deleted.

There are ways to cut, copy, or paste files, all excellent conveniences that help will save people a lot of money, time, and energy. Another vital point to remember with Digital Audio Workstation, and the reason why there are different recommendations for Mac and PC users is that some of the software will only work with specific computers.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface Keyboard or Musical Instrument Digital Interface Controller

Musical Instrument Digital Interface or MIDI keyboards can help musicians control their virtual instruments on their Digital Audio Workstation. The keyboards do not produce sound by itself. Instead, it sends signals from its keys to tap into the software that was running on the computer so that the right instrument or voices will be played.

The realism of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface keyboard provides help that people need to feel their beats as they make them. With the pressure and weighted sensitive keys, musicians and producers will feel like they are actually playing the instrument instead of an instrument playing from the computer.