13 Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out At A Trade Show

13 Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out At A Trade Show

All brands and business know that joining a trade show is one of the best marketing strategies to date. These exhibitions are perfect for brand building, releasing new products, or even just finding sales reps to do the leg work for you. Since trade shows are very popular the competition is also very tough, which can make standing out extra challenging.

If you don’t want to blend in with other brands on your first trade show, here are a few handy tips to keep in mind:

1 – Give Out Business Cards

No, business cards aren’t out of fashion. In fact, they work wonders during trade shows because potential clients can easily find all your contact details in one small, but a sleek card.

2 – Set Up An Attractive Display Table

Create a display table with all the necessary items and products so that clients can come by and check them out. Always include brochures on the table so they can browse through the catalog anytime they want.

3 – Smile!

A good salesperson has a welcoming smile to put their customers at ease. Sometimes a smile is all it takes to strike up a conversation that can lead to a sale.

4 – Don’t Be Too Aggressive

While smiling is attractive being too aggressive with your sales pitch is seen as pushy. You don’t want clients spreading the word not to approach your Exhibition Trailer Hire because of your aggressive attitude.

5 – Make A Presentation Board

Since it is impossible to entertain everyone having a presentation board with all the necessary information about your brand and company in your Event Trailer Hire exhibit is a great idea.

6 – Wear The Right Shoes

You will be on your feet for most of the day so you need proper arch support from a good pair of shoes.

7 – Encourage Questions

Create a drop box for questions and comments from your clients along with comment cards and pens. Encourage them to ask questions and assure that every inquiry will be answered as soon as possible.

8 – Invest In An Exhibition Trailer Hire

When you don’t have enough time on your hands, an event trailer hire is a solution worth looking into. Professionals will come and set up the trailer with everything you need and when the trade show is done they do all the cleanup.

9 – Practice Your Elevator Pitch

Condense everything worth knowing about your brand in just one minute. It should be a quick introduction that is more than enough to spark an interest with potential customers.

10 – Offer Something Sweet

A free bar or chocolate or a cupcake will always attract more people to your exhibit. It also makes for a great ice breaker to introduce your business to a wider audience.

11 – Don’t Forget Your Manners

Always be on time and never leave your exhibit early. An empty booth only is an invisible booth and you don’t want to make that mistake during a competitive trade show.

12 – Offer Exclusive Deals

Let potential customers know that your brand is offering one-time deals during the trade show that won’t be available anywhere else to get people excited about your products.

13 – Enjoy!

If you are having a good time during the trade show people will notice. When you are having fun meeting new people and telling them about your products and services your charm and charisma will go a long way in closing sales.

If you need an Event Trailer Hire or an Exhibition Trailer Hire, contact us today! We’ll deliver and set up everything for you so you make a great impact for your brand.